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Dym extractor Úlet Čistenie Zariadenia Mobilné Indoor Air Filter Uhlíkom Čistička Laserové Rezanie Fajčenie Nástroja



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Štítky: extraktor skrutka, elegoo mars 2 pro, Karbónová, nástroj hudby, kruh materiál, bushcraft firesteel, väzby hudobné nástroje, vzduchu uhlíkovým filtrom, , tabak, vzduch auto filter.


dym extractor Úlet Čistenie Zariadenia Mobilné Indoor Air Filter Uhlíkom Čistička Laserové Rezanie Fajčenie Nástroja

  • Moc: 150 (W)
  • Rozsah Nastavenia Teploty: 0 (℃)
  • Pôvod: CN(Pôvodu)
  • Druh: Elektrický Nástroj Časti
  • Vstupné napätie: 220 (V)
  • Typ spájkovacie stanice: konštantná teplota spájkovacie stanice
  • poistka: 1
  • Rozsah Pôsobnosti: Elektronický produkt zváranie

Got it. All is well. Very high quality. Fast shipping. Works in accordance with the description. Recommend.

Akadic93 (2020-12-28)

Before buying, I looked at many different smoke systems for home use, ranging from the smallest ones built into the lamp. Came to the conclusion that the main element of cleaning oddly is the filter, and for quality cleaning, it can not be very small (Take for example a car cabin filter). Before St. Petersburg, the order was one and a half months. To be honest, for the goods for the specified price expected much more prompt delivery. The goods was very well packed. The box is additionally enclosed with stiffeners. All items are in individual plastic packaging. Probably immediately worth saying about the minuses: 1. very unreliable latches of the top cover, it press the filters. Initially, the latches clicked spontaneously. It was possible to compensate a little bent. 2. large size, but it can be seen from the description. For good cleaning you have to pay the size. However, if you put it under the table, it does not matter. 3. at maximum power it is enough noisy (Shu level

Axcaxcaxc2 (2021-01-11)

Delivery month since order, and week could not bring local delivery service staff. Packed well. In the order of the goods the smoke removal system is specified, and in the description the ultrasonic bath is indicated. Talked to the seller, he said it was really a smoke removal system. The noise level of the motor blockade is 75 decibels, at maximum power. Sucks satisfactorily, there is no smell in the room. For my operating conditions, I would have extended a little. Satisfied with both the quality of products and the service of the store.

Ojeruseroland (2020-11-05)

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