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AIDUAUTO PRE VW SCIROCCO RCD330 187A 187 B RCD340 Plus MIB Rádio parkovacia KAMERA Low Fotoaparát KIT


Dostupnosť :Skladom


Štítky: pre rcd330, rcd 360 android, wv eos príslušenstvo, rcd330, mib rcd330 plus, vw sharan, fotoaparát zadnej strane, headphon bezdrôtové, nálepku vw, vw scirocco.



Tento súbor sa Zmestí Na RCD330 187 187A 187B Na SCIROCCO. Alebo budete musieť urobiť otvor pre to.

  • Shell Materiál: Plastové
  • Názov Značky: AIDUAUTO
  • Druh Materiálu: ABS
  • Drôt alebo Bezdrôtové: Bezdrôtové
  • Vodiaca Čiara: Áno
  • Objektív Materiál: Plastové
  • Typ Alarmu: Vozidlo Zálohy Kamery

The quality of the picture from the camera is visible in the photo. A cheap product that is not worth its money.

Summer521 (2020-11-30)

The order went to Moscow super quickly, on the 6th day received. I took it specifically for rcd340. By installation: main jamb with pin of power from the fuse block, it is not inserted into the socket (for small fuse), therefore, I had to buy pin n90732703 under a larger fuse and independently crimp. Plus from the reverse took from the black and blue wire, ogoliv and further winding it. The camera partially looks at the number, I'll correct it in the future. Given the coupon bought for 4300. On drive MB I will post

Ingalodochnikova (2020-09-23)


Kirilfik 123 (2021-01-06)

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